We are a celebration of all things wigs. We are for wig-wearers and wigmakers globally. With a love and passion for all things wigs; we design and manufacture wig must-haves and collaborate with wigmakers to create content and events.
Over recent years, wigs have become modern, fashion-forward and practical. The result is a rapidly growing wig-wearing culture, embraced by people all over the world.  Amidst the excitement and the endless choice of wigs, there was one gripping issue of ‘wig-security’. This problem motivated the innovation of our patent-protected Wigband™ and Wigstrap™.

Our services

+ - what we do

With a love and passion for everything wigs; we design and manufacture wig must-haves, provide supportive resources, and collaborate with wigmakers to create content and events.

+ - Helping To Grow Businesses

We distribute a large amount of our products to hair retailers; including wigmakers, salons and retail stores. The implementation of our products and services has been proven to grow business turnover and profitability.


We also work closely with wigmakers both online and offline. We offer effective business solutions. Helping wigmakers grow their businesses.

+ - Product Distribution

We are a UK based manufacturer with worldwide distribution. With major distribution channels throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas.


We have wholesale options available to wigmakers, salons and retail stores. For more information please contact us or email us at info@securewig.com.

+ - Customisation Services

We produce products with your own distinctive logo and branding. Ideal for wigmakers, salon owners and wig retailers who want to differentiate themselves and tap into this powerful form of advertisement and branding.

My clients really appreciate the value added to their wigs with the addition of the adjustable bands. It also means I am able to generate a higher revenue from each sale – which vital as a small business owner.

Olivia Ainsworth - Wigmaker

We offer the adjustable bands to all our wig clients, and they love it! The products are really beneficial and enhance the customer experience at our salon. We personally use the products also!

Nicole and Crystal - Hair Salon Owners

The products are great for customers because they love the added benefits and customers who buy wigs from my store also buy the adjustable bands to secure their wigs - this has brought more revenue into my business.

Sanjeet Pal - Beauty Supply Store Owner

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