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+ - What is the difference between the Wigstrap™ and the Wigband™?

Both products are designed to aid wig-security. Both are also adjustable and made with satin and a blend of non-abrasive materials to aid with a comfortable wig-fit; without damaging edges and hair beneath the wigs. Both can be attached to create a flat and natural-looking wig hairline (with and without the use of adhesives/gel).


The Wigstrap™ double-band design and integrated clips produce a more secure fit. It is also designed to create a stronger pull across the wig hairline; further encouraging a flat and natural-looking wig hairline.

+ - Can I reuse my Wigband™/ Wigstrap™?

Yes. Our products are built to last and can be used for a long period of time on multiple wigs. We only use quality materials to construct our products. Ultimately, the total life-span of the product primarily depends on how well they are maintained through use.

+ - Can I wash my Wigband™/ Wigstrap™?

Yes. You can hand wash your Wigband™/ Wigstrap™ using lukewarm soapy water (shampoo is suitable). Then leave your Wigband™/ Wigstrap™ to air dry.

+ - Can my Wigband™/ Wigstrap™ still be washed whilst still attached to my wig?

Yes. If you wish to wash your Wigband™/ Wigstrap™ whilst it is still attached to your wig, you can use shampoo with lukewarm water. Please wash with care to avoid tugging on the wig surface. Then leave your Wigband™/ Wigstrap™ to air dry.

+ - How does my Wigstrap™ help my wig hairline lay flat?

The design of the Wigstrap™ creates two areas of tension along the wig hairline. As a result, the function of the long and short strap collectively help create a flat placement of the wig hairline.

+ - Can I remove the clips on my Wigstrap™?

Our Silicone tipped clips, can be removed by opening the satin flap and cutting off the attaching thread from both sides of the clip. Alternatively, the clip can be tucked away within the satin lining.

+ - Will my Wigband™/ Wigstrap™ fit?

The Wigband™ and Wigstrap™ are both ‘one-size-fits-all’ products. Its flexibility and adjustability mean that it is suitable for a wide range of head sizes.

+ - I am having difficulty attaching my Wigband™/ Wigstrap™?

It is easy and simple to attach both products to your wig or closure unit. Please refer to our how-to video for an in-depth step by step tutorial on how to install your Wigstrap™. Link: www.wigstrap.com/howto. A similar principle is applied for attaching the Wigband™. Both packages also contain in-depth guidance.


+ - How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Delivery times vary according to your delivery address and availability of your item(s). For information specific to your area please view our Shipping Information.

+ - Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship products to our customers worldwide. For information specific to your area please view our Shipping Information.

+ - My package has arrived and appears to be damaged?

Please inform us within 48 hours of receiving your item, along with a picture of the back and front of your package. We will then be able to resolve the issue and open a claim with the shipping couriers regarding the damage.


+ - Do you accept payments via PayPal?


+ - Do you accept payments via Visa/ MasterCard?


+ - Why have I been overcharged/ undercharged?

Please check the currency that you have made your purchase in. It may be that you have carried out your transaction in a currency different to that of your bank account.


Also, be advised that your banking institution may charge additional conversion fees or other applicable fees for international purchases. The final amount charged to your account may vary from your “checkout” total. Please contact your financial institution with questions relating to discrepancies on charges associated with conversion fees.


+ - Can I cancel my order?

We are able to reverse a transaction if the order has not yet been dispatched. We endeavour to dispatch orders within a few hours of it being placed. If the item has been dispatched, it becomes subject to our Return Policy.

+ - Can I return my item?

Please view our Return Policy.